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Volume I



Love will overcome



1. Reincarnation - with the poem : If the truth is not life, it is nothing



2. Compassion and christian forgiveness go beyond justice - with the poem : Love will overcome


Volume II



1. The glory of God is man fully alive



2. The inner revelation



3. New wine into new skins for the chirch of tomorrow


Volume III



1. Mystical prayer and the three zones of the human being



2. The creative energy of suffering



3. The spirituality of risk



4. The thousand faces of the spirit (I)



5. The thousand faces of the spirit (II)


Volume IV



1. The mystics of Teilhard de Chardin



2. Learning to become : man has to invent himself



3. The courage to be



4. The mystery of evil and the omega point

  Volume V
    Jesus in these days - Twelve modern parables
  Volume VI
    1. Sexuality - Pleading for a holistic view
    2. Te secret energy in us : The spirit
    3. Optimism - Wisdom or foolishness?
    4. Sapientia : The taste of God in our lives
    5. The mystical path
  Volume VII : Determine your life in freedom - Self realization and redemption
    1. Freedom : Reality or illusion?
    2. Divine law nd human freedom
    3. The fear of freedom
    4. Commitment : The freedom of yes
    5. Hell : The freedom of no
    6. Divine freedom and human freedom
  Volume VIII : The endless horizon
    1. Pascal, the adventurer of truth
    2. On the book of revelation
    3. Man's salvation and evangelization
    4. Grace
    5. Beauty : aesthetic enjoyment of mystical experience?
    6. Prophecy and charisma, a necessity for the church
    7.The endless horizon : The future of our religions
  Volume IX
    1. Mysticism and plitics
    2. God has heart and it suffers
    3. Islam, the challenge for Europe
    4. Triple genocide in Sudan
    5. The myth of overpolpulation


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